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2024 Moccona CM6 Presented by MAMA.

For those wondering what CM8 is, today we clarify everything for you. And naturally, where there’s CM8, there’s also CM7!

What exactly are CM8 and CM7??

CM8 = CM6 + CM1 + CM1
CM7 = CM6 + CM1

For CM8 and CM7: Racers will start together with the CM6 category at 03:00 AM on August 3rd.
For CM8 and CM7: Competitors must finish the CM6 within 28 hours and start CM1 at that time. *If you finish before 28 hours, you must wait until 07:00 AM on August 4th.

🏆 Eligible for various awards of CM6

⚠️However, if⚠️
You don’t finish CM6 within 28 hours, you can still finish to be a CM6 Finisher.

For CM8 and CM7: Start together with CM1 at 07:00 AM on August 4th, following the same CUT-OFF rules as CM1.
For CM8 and CM7: You must finish CM1 within 06:30 hours.

🏆 Eligible for various awards of CM1.

For CM8 runners who finish the first round of CM1,
you can continue right away (CM1 again (2nd round))
and must return to the finish line by 17:00 PM on August 4th.
⚠️However, if⚠️
you don’t finish the 2nd round of CM1, or you don’t make it by 17:00 PM on August 4th, you will be considered a CM7 FINISHER instead.


Nelson Mandela


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