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2020 CM6 is going ahead with MANY changes in response to the ongoing pandemic. Let us start by informing you about all the changes first.

The most significant changes are:-

1. There will only be five races – CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4 and CM5.
2. Runners registered for CM6-150km may change to CM5 or CM4 – we will refund the difference in the registration fee. (Change to a shorter race than CM4 is possible, but the refund will be the same as changing from CM6 to CM4.)
3. CM5 has some changes. The route is slightly shorter at 103km. The new start time is 8:00 am. Saturday, 8th August. Runners are allowed to have one disposable “Drop Bag” at 60km Aid-station.
4. CM4 has undergone some changes too. The distance is now 80km with an approximate accumulated elevation gain of 4800+m. Total available time will be 23 hours. The new start time is 4:00 am. Saturday, 8th August. There will be no “Special Need Bag”.
5. CM3 has slight changes on the start time and the total available time. The new start time is 6:00 am. Saturday, 8th August. The extra of one hour will be added to the new total available time, therefore, CM3 has total of 18hrs.
6. Support crew are not allowed at any of the Aid-stations. Setting up private support station by the roadside or by the trail-side is also prohibited and will lead to runners’ disqualification. However, in the case of runners’ retirement/withdrawal, mobilising your support crew to provide private transportation is highly encouraged.